Tuition & Fees

Registration for 2017/2018 

Following are the fees for the school year beginning in September 2017.  If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to call us at the school.  Please speak with either Anne or Amy.  If you have more than one child, please see Amy in the office.

Montessori Toddler

Toddler Classroom   For children 18 months to 3 years; under 18 months add $50

9:00 to 4 PM  $1155.00       7:30 to 6:15 PM  $1220.00


CASA Classroom  For children 2 and a half to 6 years of age 

CASA ½ day morning 

9:00 to 12:00  $700.00        7:30 to 12:00   $720.00           

CASA ½ day afternoon    

1:00 to 4:00   $700.00          1:00 to 6:15  $760.00

CASA  Full Day

9:00 to 4:00   $1030.00          7:30 to 6:15  1090.00


Elementary Classroom (grades 1-8)   For children 6 to 14 years of age

9:00 to 4:00   $1030.00          7:30 to 6:15  $1090.00

(For elementary students only)  Please note that you may pack your child’s lunch, or if you prefer, we can provide lunch ($120.00 per month – please include this on the cheque if you would like us to provide lunch for your child).   Also please note that the cost of our physical education programs (skiing, gymnastics, co-operative games, swimming) is extra.

When registering we request that you send in post-dated cheques for the entire school year.  The cheques should be dated as follows: June 1, 2017, Sept.1 through to Dec. 1, 2017 and Jan. through May 2018. (A total of 10 cheques.)  These cheques will guarantee your child a spot in the coming school year.  You may make these cheques payable to KMPS.  If this is your first time registering, please include the $200.00 registration fee with the first cheque.   Thank you!

*If you would like to make one payment there will be a 2% discount.  Example:  One child @ $1090 per month, less 2% = $1068.00 per month.  The cheque would be $1068 x 10 months = $10,680.00 dated June 1st, 2017.  Thank you!

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